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Note that this is not a sponsored post. I’ve paid for all hair products, hair cut and upcoming postage myself. The program is funded by Pantene but I’m not associated with the brand. If you are interested in donating your hair, find out more the Pantene Beautiful Length’s Program here.

Cancer has affected lots of people I love and care for. So when I heard of a something that I could do to help in a small way, I made the pledge to donate my hair to the Beautiful Lengths program. That was almost six months ago and yesterday I finally made the cut. I’m a sucker for a before-and-after so here is a look at the process that I went through.

How I chose my post-“Beautiful Lengths” hair style

The requirements (detailed here) call for hair that is, at minimum, 20cm in length. I planned to try give more so that the wig makers would (literally) have more to work with. However I didn’t always use my haircare products on my recent honeymoon and as a result I was a little concerned that I had compromise the growth I’d achieved to date and might need an extreme trim that might delay a donation…

Why an “undercut”?

There are so many great shorter hair styles to choose from. I had a bob for many, many years and have gone as short as the Natalie Imbruglia “Torn” variety, back in the day. So why do an “undercut”? While I was in Japan, I loved visiting the hot mineral spa baths known as “onsens”. I was surprised by one of the rules I saw at the ones I visited which forbade tattoos. I don’t have any tattoos myself but it got me thinking about places that I could hide a tattoo!

Business Chic detail

Beautiful Lengths hair style inspiration from business chic Megan. Source: BusinessChic

BusiChic Samantha Choudhury 2

Beautiful Lengths inspiration from busichic Samantha. Source: BusinessChic

I recalled some spunky busichics I had photographed, specifically Samantha and Megan, who have tattoos in their hair. I actually thought that they both had undercuts and tattoos “under their hair”, however now I see that’s not quite the case! That said, this was still enough to get me thinking about getting an undercut. An undercut style would mean clipping hair as close to the scalp as possible, meaning that I would exceed the donation requirement by at least 10cm. By keeping my hair long on top, I could trim it back to a healthy length and keep growing it for a future donation. I also thought it would provide a nice contrast to the shorn part of my head… On a personal style note, I’ve also been thinking that it’s time to feature some more experimental hairstyles over on BusinessChic.com.au to get people thinking about what makes hair, “work-appropriate” in this day and age. I though that an undercut would be one such style; it’s not something that would normally be seen in the corporate office- but now that I’m out, I feel like I have the freedom to experiment and share my findings!

Step 1. Wash and dry

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Haircut fur hairdressing

Thank you Greg at Fur hairdressing for providing me with healthy hair advice over the last six months and giving me the big chop!

before cheryl lin rodsted  front  before cheryl lin rodsted side   before cheryl lin rodsted back Greg shampooed, conditioned and dried my hair before sectioning it off into a number of ponytails that he could snip off for the donation.

Step 2. Section into ponytails

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Haircut front       Pantene Beautiful Lengths Haircut side

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Haircut

Move over, Princess Leia! All ready to get the chop for Beautiful Lengths!

cheryl lin rodsted beautiful lengths

My Beautiful Lengths donation. All I need to do is pop it in a ziplock bag and post it off!

The final result

beautiful lengths busichic donation

Ta-dah! My new hair and my Beautiful Lengths donation!

I find it funny that the final result is actually not that extreme! I thought it was going to be edgy but honestly when my remaining hair is down, it’s still so thick that I look like I have a full head of hair – I’ll post a little video to my instagram (@busichic) later to show what I mean. In fact I feel like it actually sits better now!

So I’ve found it interesting to think about how I’ve got enough hair for at least two people. That all my life, I’ve been carrying all this hair around when I could’ve done more with it?! The undercut is a teensy-weensy bit visible when I tuck my hair behind my ear. To make it visible, I literally need to tie my hair up in a high ponytail. And even then I found I still had to point out my “new ‘do” to my usually-observant husband!

I won’t lie, it feels really strange that the next step is to ziplock bag my hair and simply pop it off in the mail. Who posts their hair?! Actually that reminds me, if you like what I did with my hair in this post, you might like to read about what I did with my hair when I was 22

If you’d like to see more of my new ‘do, tune in to BusinessChic.com.au for some upcoming shoots.


Have you donated to the Beautiful Lengths program? What has your experience been like? Or do you have an “extreme hairstyle” and how do you rock it at work?

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